Quad City DJ's vs. Junichi Masuda - Slamvender Town
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Slamvender Town - Quad City DJ’s vs. Junichi Masuda

actually really good?


Is probably the singularly most unsettling thing to ever exist on the internet

"You feel confident that you are making headway in a difficult and trying time. You feel that the course of action you have chosen is the correct one and therefore the troubles you encounter will, with effort, be overcome. However, there is an ongoing uncertainty which causes you distress, and consequently any criticism whether intentional or not can lead to a sudden and unexpected emotional response. Anger is often quick and abupt, especially if you happen to be self centered, which is likely.

An unsatisfying relationship is troubling you, due in all likelihood to a perceived lack of appreciation, or acknowledgement from superiors or loved ones. Questioning this judgement has lead to a modicum of introversion. You feel that you need assistance from others to repair the situation but are afraid that too much compromise will be seen as weakness. If this situation continues, you may feel the need to break away and redefine your own individuality.”

….that is creepy as fuck and unnervingly accurate

Artificial Intelligence

is the most depressing film I have ever seen
I am crying out of my nostrils


Disagreeing with people isn’t such a big deal


Let me tell you, anyone who has ever had to draw that Isaac Clarke guy have my total respect. I couldn’t get his freaking suit thing right no matter what.

Now that my hand hates me, guess it’s time for bed.

Oh my lord

I won’t give anything away, but something very awesome is going to be happening with my secondary blog soon.

I’m going to take a moment here

And apologize to my followers here for spamming your dashes with these answers! I’m drawing, so that’s kinda cool, right?


This doesn’t normally happen ever.