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lookin at your blog like



who IS wall luigi




I made this for my dear SH fans

he’s not a different entity with a different “duty”, because frankly the only reason he’s in the movie is because “you gotta have pyramid head”. in the game, there’s is a psychological REASON for pyramid head to exist. he represents something that is clearly explained to the player by the end game. in the film, he’s just scary. he has no psychological connection to any of the characters, unless you want to do some speculative gymnastics, either way there’s no indication you’re correct. he is just there to look like pyramid head and do scary shit. movie!pyramid head doesn’t have a “duty” at all. 

i don’t criticize him being present in the film any more than any of the other monsters they took from the game (i.e., lying figure, etc.) because you GOTTA have pyramid head. if you’re going to make a FILM about silent hill, it fucking HAS to have pyramid head in it. but what it doesn’t have to do is make any sense, because it’s basically just a tribute to the games. its a cool movie but doesn’t have the same level of depth as the original games.

now if you’re going to make a silent hill GAME… for the love of god unless james sunderland is in it pyramid head CAN NOT be there. Origins, although definitely not my favorite, was smart about that and came up with the butcher instead. 

in closing, homecoming was stupid.


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